At EMAC we help our students improve their focus. Allowing them to concentrate their attention better in all activites, including work and school.


We teach our students to be confindent of themselves and their capablites. Letting them stand tall in the face of any challange.


Students at EMAC learn the importance of listening and following instructions, as well as ways to apply this simple, yet crucial, skill even outside of our School


Here at EMAC we teach the best and most important parts of self-defense. Making our martial arts the most practical and effective.

A Message from Grand Master

I am the President and Grandmaster of Extreme Martial Arts Center in Corona, California. I hope our web site is helpful to you as you explore the disciplines of Martial Arts. I look forward to guiding you on your journey as you explore Korean Martial Arts.

- Grandmaster Hong Myung

About our Grand Master who founded the Hapkidowon